The event is sold out. Tickets are not available neither online, nor in the venue.

VinCE Budapest is different from many other wine events, because only selected wineries can exhibit. Professionals and winelovers should not be afraid of tasting something of low quality, since our requirements are strict: Hungarian wineries can apply for participation only if they had achieved a 4 or 5 star result at VinCE Magazine’s panel tastings. Wineries without this achievement are refused to participate. With distributors we have the same requirement. In case of foreign wineries applying directly – not with their distributor – we examine the history and the international wine contest results of the winery.

Would you like to participate at VinCE Budaoest Wine Show with your winery? Please contact us, at info@vincemagazin.hu!

Abrau Durso, Russia (Stand 84)
Álomautó–Álomborok/Dreamwines (Stand 21)
Andrássy Residence (Stand 36)
ArtFoodConcept (Stand 15)
AxAx Borászat, Kéthely (Stand 6)
Balog Árpád Family Wine Manufacture (Stand 75)
– Bagya Farkas Ltd. (Hungarian sausages) (Stand 37)
Bazaltbor Badacsony, Badacsony (Stand 12)
Békési Pálinka, spirit, Hungary (Stand 100)
Bolygó Hollandi Wine School (Stand 16)
Borkorzó wine shop, Hungary (Stand 60)
Boulevard Medical Center, Budapest (Stand 19)
– Buddha-Bar Hotel (Stand 38)
– Buza sausages (Stand 85)
Canter Wine House, Balaton, Hungary (Stand 80)
Central European Wine Institute, Hungary (Stand 63)
Château Maison Noble, Bordeaux (Stand 71)
– Cahors Malbec Vineyards, France (Stand 49/a)
– Chez Dodo Macaron Manufacture (Stand 17)
Chocofacture (Stand 26)
– CIC partner wineries from France (6 March, Friday, Hársfaroom)
Domaine Berthet-Rayne
Domaine de la Destinée
Domaine Guy Farge
Domaine Christelle Betton
Domaine Guy Bernard
Champagne Thierry Massin
Oinos – Vins de Méditerranée
Domaine du Pourra
Domaine Jomain
Château Vannières
– Címeres ‘Palinka‘ (Stand 76)
– Csobánc Association, Csobánc, Hungary (Stand 68)
– Demeter Winery, Eger, Hungary (Stand 14)
Divin Porcello (delicate store), Hungary (Stand 23)
DIÓ delicate:cantine & BUDAPESTO (Stand 26)
Domaine Piron, Beaujolais, France (Stand 7)
– DropStop (48)
Etyeki Kúria, Etyek (Stand 65)
– Etyeki Professional Association, Etyek, Hungary (Stand 82)
Anonym Cellar
Nádas Wine Manufacture
SzépvölgyönÁt winery
– Fekete Wine Cellar, Szekszárd, Hungary (Stand 52)
GanciaSparkling House, Italy (Stand 135)
– Garamvári Vineyard, South of Balaton, Hungary (Stand 62)
Gerbeaud Confectionary, Budapest, Hungary (Stand 40)
– Gilvesy Winery, Badacsony, Hungary (Stand 101)
Gróf Buttler, Eger, Hungary (Stand 72)
– ‘Gyümölcsborok Háza’ / Fruit Wines House (Stand 24)
Halasi Winery, Villány, Hungary (Stand 86)
– Christoph Hess, Austria (Stand 48)
– Heinemann Testvérek (Heinemann-terasz, Stand 1–11)
Lafite Rothschild, France
Laroche, France
Royal Oporto, Portugal
Codorníu, Spain
E&J Gallo, USA
Gál Szőlőbirtok, Hungary
Villa Maria, New Zealand
Peter Lehmann, Australia
Zonin, Italy
Cecchi, Italy
– Hertzka Estate, Balatoncsicsó, Lake Balaton, Hungary (Stand 75)
– Heumann Winery, Villány, Hungary (Stand 105)
Hilltop Neszmély Winery, Neszmély, Hungary (stand 70 b)
Holdvölgy, Tokaj, Hungary (Stand 69)
– HR Winery, Slovakia (Stand 98)
Ital Magyarország Kft. (Stand 31)
Jolanda del Colo (Stand 32)
– Julius Meinl coffee (Stand 50)
Káli Kövek Winery, Köveskál, Hungary (Stand 77)
– Kovács Nimród Winery, Eger, Hungary (Stand 45)
Koch Winery, Kunság, Hungary (Stand 80)
– Kreinbacher Winery, Somló (Stand 49/b)
Lajvér Avantgarde Winery, Szekszárd (Stand 132)
– Liliac Winery, Romania – The Wine of Transylvania, Romania (Stand 55)
Mall Marketing Manufacture (stand 2)
– Mátrai Wine region, Hungary (Stand 81-79-74-73 )
Kerekes Vineyard
Kovács Wine House
Bárdos és Fia Winery
Nyilas Cellar
Szőke Mátyás
Borpalota Winery and Vineyard
Molnár és Fiai Winery
Benedek Cellar
Miele Cooking School (Stand 22)
Miele Professional (Stand 87)
– Mór3 association, Hungary (Stand 64)
Csetvei Winery
Geszler Family Winery
Molnár Wine House
Nachbil Winery, Romania (Stand 70)
nU Bistro (Stand 33)
– Omnia (Stand 57)
– Open Hungary Wine and Delicate Ltd., Hungary (Stand 39)
Pálffy Cellar, Köveskál, Hungary (Stand 77)
Pannon Wine Guild (“Pannon Bormíves Céh”) (Stand 88–97)
Balla Géza / Wine Princess, Ménes
Bock Pince, Villány
Bolyki Pincészet, Eger
Dúzsi Pincészet, Szekszárd
Eszterbauer Borászat, Szekszárd
Font Pincészet, Soltvadkert
Frittmann Borászat, Soltvadkert
Gál Tibor Pincészet, Eger
Gere Attila Pincészete, Villány
Gere Tamás és Zsolt Pincészete, Villány
Jásdi Pince, Csopak
Légli Szőlőbirtok, Balatonboglár
St. Andrea Szőlőbirtok, Eger
Szeremley Birtok, Badacsony
Takler Borbirtok, Szekszárd
Thummerer Pince, Eger
Tiffán’s Pincészet, Villány
– Pasta & Sugo (Stand 30)
Petrény Winery, Eger, Hungary
– Planina Borház, Mohács, Hungary (Stand 106)
– Premium Estates of Austria, Austria (Stand 58)
Alois Goelles
Gernot Heinrich
Fred Loimer
Wili Sattler
Fritz Wieninger
Ratesti Winery, Románia (Stand 67)
Recas Winery, Romania (Stand 8)
Rézangyal Palinka (Rézangyal spirit of distilled fruit) (Stand 61)
Sabar Wine House, Káptalantóti, North-Balaton, Hungary (Stand 78)
Salvano Vini
– Sauska Borászat, Villány, Tokaj, Hungary (Stand 46, 47)
– Schieber Winery, Szekszárd, Hungary (Stand 13)
– Somló wine region, Hungary (Stand 53, 54)
Barcza Bálint
Kolonics Károly Családi Pincészet
Kreinbacher Birtok*
5Ház Borbirtok
Royal Somló Pincészet
St. Margit Pincészet
Tornai Pincészet
Zsirai Pincészet
Sonkamester / Ham Master, Etyek, Hungary (Stand 37)
‘Spájz a Szájban’ (Stand 27)
– Stelázsi delicate shop (Stand 20)
Sterlik Winery, Sopron, Hungary (Stand 134)
– Szentpéteri Wine Cellar, Kunság, Hungary (Stand 52)
Taschner Wine and Sparkling Wine House, Sopron, Hungary (Stand 133)
– Tokaj Wine Trade, Tokaj, Hungary (Stand 102)
– Törley Pezsgőpincészet, Etyek–Buda (Stand 42, 43, 44)
Twickel Vineyard, Szekszárd, Hungary (Stand 66)
Veritas Wine Store (Stand 18)
Vinatus Cellar, Villány, Hungary (Stand 106)
– Vino Castillo Wine House (Stand 16)
Vinum Regnum Wine House (Stand 59)
Villa Sandi Prosecco, Italy (Stand 11)
Villa Tolnay, Csobánc, North-Balaton, Hungary (Stand 78)
“Villányi Franc” (Stand 103, 104)
Vincellér Ház, Sopron, Hungary (Stand 134)
Vincze Winery, Eger, Hungary (Stand 72)
Winelife Winery, Sopron, Hungary (Stand 133)
Zwack Wine Shop, Hungary (Stand 56)
Zwack Unicum (Stand 76)
Winedesign (Stand 48)
– Carton Hungaricum selection wineries (Stand 107–130)
Árpád-hegy Winery, Tokaj
Barta Winery, Tokaj
Bodvin Winery, Tokaj
Bott Winery, Tokaj
Etyeki Kúria, Etyek
Figula Winery, Balatonfüred
Gál Vineyard and Winery, Kunság
Garamvári Vineyard, Budafok és Dél-Balaton
Gere Attila Winery, Villány
Gróf Degenfeld Vineyard, Tokaj
Günzer Tamás Winery, Villány
Günzer Zoltán Winery, Villány
Hungaria Winery, Etyek
Karner Gábor Artisan Winery, Mátra
Kreinbacher Wine Cellar, Somló
Pannonhalmi Apátsági Winery, Pannonhalma
St. Andrea Winery, Eger
Szent Tamás Winery, Tokaj
Szőke Mátyás és Zoltán Winery, Mátra
Takler Winery, Szekszárd
Tokaj Wine Trade, Tokaj
Tokaj Nobilis, Tokaj
Vylyan Vineyard, Villány
Tornai Winery, Somló

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