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Domaine-Laroche-Logo-CroppedChablis master class with wines of Domaine Laroche
Speaker: Gwenael Laroche
Friday, 13.30–15.00, Master Class Room
The limestone soil of Burgundy gives a unique minerality for the wine; as if we tasted the terroir! It is very exciting to compare the wines made of grapes (Chardonnay in Chablis) coming from parcels of different soils like a mosaic. The master class is presented by the owner herself, Madame Laroche!

French Wine Regions from Champagne to Languedoc
Speaker: Pascal Bouvet
Friday, 13.30-15.00, CH Workshoproom

We have several tutored tastings in the topic of French wines, but this one is a special one, because on can taste wines from many parts of wonderful France. One producer from Champagne, 6 from Rhône, one from Bandol and one from Languedoc will show their wines and wine regions.


Discover wines of California!
Speaker: Claudia Schug
Friday, 15.30–17.00, Master Class Room
Did you know about the great contribution of the Hungarian Haraszthy Ágoston in making the Californian wine world famous? Mr. Haraszthy had founded the Buena Vista Vinicultural Society and now you will have the opportunity to taste a wine from the winery. The heir of this establishment Ms. Gina Gallo has a prestige winery now and they present a wine too (highly appreciated by Robert Parker and other wine magazines). The director of “God Father”, Mr. Coppola will also show a Cabernet Sauvignon. And do not think that California is famous exclusively of its grand and heavy clarets! A Chardonnay from Speaker Family Winery and a Pinot Noir from Buena Vista and Gina Gallo will show you the less known but superbly elegant wines of California!


Premium Estates of Austria
Speaker: Andreas Wickhoff MW
Andreas WickoffFriday, 15.30–17.00, CH Workshop Room
If you could offer the finest products from Alois Goelles, Gernot Heinrich, Fred Loimer, Willi Sattler, Schellmann
Estate and Fritz Wieninger, then you would probably have everything to either open an exquisite wine and delicatessen store or to expand an existing trade with superb Austrian produce. Generating from this simple idea, 5 of the most renowned representatives of Austrian wine- and gourmet culturegot together and offer from one spot the international trade an Austrian package which bears many comparisons. We are talking about 4 “Falstaff Winemakers of the Year” from 5 of the most interesting wine regions and Austria’s finest producer of distillates and vinegars. The cooperation’s goal for which the Premium Estates Marketing GmbH was established is to facilitate access to fine Austrian wines and spirits for the international trade and hereby shorten the ways from both sides. The focus lies on the development and expansion of the market in the new European Union countries as well as in the USA and the Asian Pacific region. At the same time, the customer service in the UK, Luxemburg, Belgium, Scandinavia and other countries should be intensified. Premium Estates of Austria is represented by Managing Director Andreas Wickhoff MW who coordinates all activities and acts as the central contact for ensuring a smooth service for the trade partners. Andreas completed the rigorous Master of Wine examination in 2012 as Austria´s youngest Master of Wine.

chef1Gastronomy Master Class with wine
Friday, 17.30–19.00, Master Class Room
Speaker: The Chef is TBA
Negotiations are still on but we will surely stare agape as the famous master cook will be preparing his exciting dishes, and – of course – we are going to taste them with some excellent wines!

Sparkling ”Oscars”
Friday, 17.30–19.00, CH Workshop Room
Márkus_GyörgySpeaker: Essi Avellan MW and Márkus György
Márkus György took part on the “Champagne and Sparkling World Wine Championship” last year too; on the event earmarked by Tom Stevenson. It has been recently announced that he will be member of the jury! The name of Mr. Márkus is well-known in the French region and he has access to the most elite Champagne houses. He is visiting the vineyards and tasting Champagne even at this very moment… We can pick the best ones on this presentation.

The Art of Chardonnay– Champagne Ruinart
Speaker: Frédéric Panaïotis
ruinartSaturday, 9.30–11.00, Master Class Room
Six Champagnes from the first officially registered Champagne House and the cellar man; the “chef du cave” himself will present them. Ruinart puts great focus on sponsoring arts and also Chardonnay – as a grape variety – is very important for them. On this master class we will have the opportunity to taste the top of Chardonnay Champagnes from the vintage flight of Dom Ruinart – and a magnum bottled 1996 among them!

New world – New Zealand
Saturday, 11.30–13.00, Master Class Room
Anne Krebiehl MW
The land of The Lord of the Rings is fabulous in terms of wine too. (It might not be known for everybody that the famous movie was taken here.) Our MW speaker worked and travelled a lot in New Zealand. She regularly publishes articles about the wines of the country because this remote land is close to her heart. The wine flight will be fantastic; we can taste even sparkling wine from New Zealand!

Château Pontet-Canet – FULL HOUSE!
Saturday, 11.30–13.00, CH Workshop Room
Melanie TesseronSpeaker:
Melanie Tesseron
Have you already tasted 11 Bordeaux clarets from grand crus? We have not either. Therefore, we are hardly looking forward to the meeting and tasting with the owner of Château Pontet-Canet, Ms. Melanie Tesseron. The tasted vintages: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
(Twenty people are already on the waiting list so – unfortunately – we cannot accept any more visitors for this master class.)

CarolineGilbyTokaj in the eyes of masters
Saturday, 13.30–15.00, Master Class Room
Elizabeth Gabay MW, Caroline Gilby MW, Darrel Joseph
Potential of Tokaj… Diversity of Tokaj… 3 dry, 3 late harvest and 3 aszú wines. It is not the time when we talk about Tokaj; it is the exceptional case when we listen to experts outside of Hungary. The Master Class is sponsored by Tokaj Kereskedőház and even the selection of wines was made by an MW; Mr. Ronn Wiegand. (Caroline Gilby MW Speaker is on the picture.)

Somló copy

Two foreign biodynamic in Hungary
Saturday, 13.30–15.00, Master Class Room
Speakers: Angela Michlits, Ralf Wassmann
What can urge a non-Hungarian winemaker to come to Hungary and open up a wine business here? It is most likely the terroir. The Wassman winery in Villány is managed by a German couple and they do organic farming. The Meinklang winery in Somló is managed by an Austrian family.

The ultimate challenge – Do you recognize top wines?
Saturday, 15.30–17.00, Master Class Room
IPad1Speakers: Elizabeth Gabay MW,
Anne Krebiehl MW, Louise Sydbeck MW, Christopher Burr MW, Romsics László
What is in the glass? A Château Palmer from Bordeaux? The icon Tignanello from Tuscany? Or the own brand of a hypermarket from the middle shelf? Try yourself – we promise it will not hurt. Moreover… All participants can blind taste 12 wines, meaning that they can see not even the label, the capsule or the shape of the bottle. We show the average of the scores given by the audience and the average score of the masters in the panel after each wine. You can see at once how your score relates to the judgment of experts and that of tasting partners. We hand out her/his scoring sheet to everybody!

Alsace.jpg A new generation winery from Alsace: Domain Loew
Saturday, 15.30–17.00, Workshop Room
Speaker: Etienne Loew
Alsace is the land of Riesling and Pinot Gris of very special character. Wine lovers love the high minerality of these wines. The owner of the young Loew estate presents a new aspect of Alsace. The tasting flight of 7 wines will be exciting because you can taste exquisite, single yard Rheinriesling but also Alsatian Muscat and Gewürtztraminer – to be drunk freshly – and these varieties are very popular in Hungary too.

BálteremPannon Wine Guild Top Red and White Wines
Saturday, 17.30–19.00, Workshop Room
Speaker: dr. Mészáros Gabriella
How would you like a Marathon of wine tasting with such names of winemakers like Dúzsi, Frittmann, Gere, Jásdi, Takler, Vesztergombi? This master class will surely take a bit longer than 90 minutes… Pannon Wine Guild collects the wine icons of Hungary; wineries that launched the new era of wine making after the change-over. Many of the members are “Winemaker of the Year” and it will definitely be a supreme tasting session.


The Wolrd’s Most Beautiful Breakfast– with 10 méthode traditionelle extras
Sunday, 9.30–11.00, Master Class Room
Essi Avellan MW, Frédéric Panaïotis, Christian Forget, Antonio Alvarez, Stefano Gava, Garamvári Vencel, Márkus György, Romsics László
We are giving the floor not one but to ten Champagne Masters and sparkling experts! They all have one task; to show us something special! They will present Champagne, cava, Italian sparkling wine, crémant and – of course – Hungarian méthode traditionnelle. Essi Avellan MW, probably the highest appreciated Champagne expert woman of the world will be a member of the panel and she will present her favorite Champagne. We can also taste the best-in-town macaron supplied by Chez Dodo!


Provence regains its soul – new trend
Sunday, 11.30–13.00, Master Class Room
Speaker: Louise Sydbeck MW
Louise Sydbeck MW sells wine for luxury yachts in Nice. She knows very well the favorite wines of some movie stars and tycoons. Now she will present a special side of Province which is much more than the vague, “commercial” rosés. She will talk about the more and more trendy premium rosé and she will present the most expensive rosé of the world. Beyond that, we can also taste white and red wines produced with great care, which convey the terroir of Province.


The Gusbourne story – a British sparkling
Sunday, 11.30–13.00, CH Workshop Room
Speaker: Charlie Holland
The British are proud of the Kate and Wiilliam dream couple and of their soccer team but they have a new national treasury now; the British sparkling wine. Gusbourne is one of the best sparkling wine wineries located in Kent. Documents about the winery are dated back to year 1410 but their debut with a sparkling wine was in 2010. The tasting will be managed by the Master Craftsman, Charlie Holland himself. He was considered to be one of the most reputed young winemakers in year 2014.

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 1.56.40 PMShiraz / Syrah – the most exuberant grape variety
Sunday, 13.30–15.00, Master Class Room
Speakers: Christopher Burr MW, Marc Chapoutier
This grape variety has nothing to do with the Persian town of Shiraz. And yet, we can feel the exotic flavors of the spices of the fabulous orient. It is a special variety and now we will be able to scrutinize it. It is the top variety of Rhone valley so the most specific items are coming from there.

Beaujolais wines – Domaines Dominique Piron
Sunday, 13.30–15.00, CH Workshop Room
BeaujolaisSpeaker: Dominique Piron
Beaujolais is famous of its loud and fancy campaign for wine nouveau. However, the wine region’s potential is much more robust than the banana flavored wines. The major variety is Gamay taken by the Huns from Croatia to Burgundy in the ancient times. The Gamay wines are not only for fresh drinking, they have the potential for aging. Dominique Piron represents the 14. generation of winemakers starting with his ancestor born in 1590. Dominique is an advocate of sustainable winegrowing; his wines are available in 30 countries by now.

Teenage (Wine) Dream
Sunday, 15.30–17.00, Master Class Room
FiatalokSpeaker: Romsics László and his guests
Beyond being a wine expert, Romsics László is also a father of two daughters; like Mészáros Gabriella and Németh Ágnes are also parents. Youngsters have strong influence on each-other… You do not want your child being offered by trash drinks, do you? It is much better if your offspring (of full age) “evangelizes” the quality wines among his/her friends. If you come with your married spouse and you have a child of age 18 – 22 send us a mail and we pay the ticket of the child! On the top of that you all three will get a ticket for the tasting party with special guests on the stage.


Cahors – The French Malbec and its region
Sunday, 15.30–17.00, CH Workshop Room
Speaker: Armand De Gerard
Cahors is famous of its full-bodied Malbec which is a curiosity and we could taste it in a smaller room last year. It was a common request to invite them again this year. The presentation is made by the representative of Vins de Cahors; the organization that coordinates the work in the wine region.

Exotic wines and dishes from mysterious Azerbaijan
58765_Darrel_JosephSunday, 17.30–19.00, Master Class Room
Speaker: Darrel Joseph

Darrel Joseph, who specialises in the wines of Central and Eastern Europe, has gone even further afield to explore the little-known land of Azerbaijan. He visited the country recently and was impressed with how the wine revival there is beginning to take hold. Now you have a unique opportunity to discover wines of Azerbaijan in Darrel’s Master Class – along with some delicious foods from this exotic country.


ganciaGancia Italian sparkling wine
Sunday, 17.30–19.00, CH Workshoproom
Speaker: Massimiliano Gancia
We can close the massive tasting of three days with some subtle Italian sparkling wine. The brand manager of the Gancia House, Massimiliano Gancia will be our guide in our cruise among Italian sparkling wines.

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